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Why content marketing must be agile in 2021

Back in 2016, a marketing performance data platform called Beckon analyzed more than $16 billion in omni channel marketing spend and performance data to get a better understanding of what works, what doesn’t work and where is best to invest your budget. Beckon found that brands had spent 300% more, on average, on content than they did in 2015. Interestingly, they noted that consumer engagement with that content was totally flat. In fact, only a small fraction of this branded content, around 5% of it, accounted for 90% of the customer engagement.

So, what does this mean today, in a world where the economic impact of a global pandemic has left many brands in a quandary as content consumption numbers rise but budgets get cut. According to Nielsen, people across the world have flocked online in an attempt to stay updated around what’s happening and to get the latest updates on the COVID-19 health crisis. For media sellers, this equates to bigger audiences, which also means that it’s never been easier for advertisers and marketers to reach a highly engaged customer base.

Get agile!

If the last few months have taught us anything it’s that nothing is guaranteed and that you always need to be ready to adapt when unforeseen circumstances come along. Here’s what we know.

#1 No one is too big to fail

During this time, we witnessed traffic on some sites crash completely, while other sites saw their traffic explode. If like many other businesses your content marketing budgets have been reduced, you’ll need to figure out how to do more, with less. And this is where having a clear and comprehensive strategy is exceptionally important.

#2 Big spend doesn’t equal big results

Consider the findings of the Beckon study – you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to make a big impact. You just need to spend what you’ve got it in the right places.

#3 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

In 2021, don’t block up your budget with a massive campaign, rather use the budget you have more strategically. If you blindly stick to your long-term planning and pretty much put all of your content marketing eggs in one basket, you’re literally throwing money out of the window.

#4 Adapt, adapt, adapt

Given all of the changes we’ve experienced lately, especially when it comes to consumer buying behavior, content marketers need to keep their ears to the ground and react quickly should situations change or new opportunities come up. For example, as lockdown restrictions started to lift and people were allowed to move around more, tourism companies were forced to redirect their content marketing spend towards targeting locals because their highly lucrative, international clientele had disappeared.

#5 Use the opportunity to evolve

Changes in how customers shop has caused an increase in demand for things like home deliveries and concierge services. This presents creative brands with an opportunity to develop new services. It also gives content marketers the chance to reach their traditional target group, as well as new groups of customers, via new channels.

An agile approach allows you to produce content quickly, to shift your strategy easily and to engage on new channels, if and when you need to do so. Struggling to pivot and strategically use content to make the most of these unusual times? We can help. At Zeven, it’s our job to help you tap into new opportunities when they arise. Get in touch here to find out more.

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